Meet the Owner

Derl'z is owned and operated by Donna Perry, a life-long Suffolk resident and community supporter. Donna loves to make others happy, whether it's through a kind word, a good meal or a helping hand. Having spent much of her life serving others as a fund raiser ​or caretaker, Donna has found a new love with Derl'z Restaurant & Pub.

Derl'z opened its doors in fall 2015 and is steadily growing and evolving into a family-friendly neighborhood eatery and pub. Donna's vision for Derl'z was much like that of a "Cheers" type place, BUT think - more family and a bit less bar. And it's good that Donna isn't afraid of trying new things. Since opening, Derl'z has hosted regular comedy nights, ladies nights, family game nights, paint nights, holiday parties, food drives and more. She likes to keep changing it up, finding what's missing in the community and giving patrons experiences and food they crave.

And in case you're wondering . . . we know you are . . . why the name, "Derl'z?"
​Ask Donna and the answer you'll get is very simple: "Derl is my dad and I want to honor him and all that he has done for myself and my family. When he sees our sign, his face lights up and that's all the reason I need."